Leakage proof

Packing wet pet food with 20 x less waste


Valuetainable – for Wet Pet Food

Hermetic sealing

In the packaging of food for people, thightness plays just an important role as it does when it comes to stand-up pouches. As packaging leaks mean costs in terms of materials, financial resources and consumer trust, our technology guarantees tight seams through the use of ultrasonic sealing. By doing so, wet pet food is packaged very securely, i. e. the use of ultrasonics can reduce the number of leaking packs to a minimum of 0.001 %.

How the magic happens

Added value in a nutshell

  • Ultrasonic sealing ensures a completely tight packaging seal, even if there are remnants of the filling goods present in the seam area.
  • Regardless of the consistency of the filling good (solid, moist, or liquid), the vibrations of ultrasonics reliably displace residues from the sealing zone during the sealing process.
  • The amount of leaking packages can be reduced considerably, as well as customer complaints.

With Herrmann Ultraschall, both you and your customers benefit on a lasting basis

Brand Owner

  • Sealing of all retortable packaging materials, laminates, and monomaterials of all kinds
  • Enables a reduction in the associated carbon footprint through conservation of energy and reduction of the volume of packaging materials
  • No food waste (increase in output)
  • Complete sealing of packaging, ensuring a long shelf life
  • Access to new markets
  • Ability to meet regional specifications for the sealing seam
  • Prepared for the future thanks to packaging material flexibility
  • Great latitude in seam design enables new designs

Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand

Packaging Machine Manufacturer

  • Reduced dependence on external factors such as energy and personnel expenses
  • Predictability of costs
  • Reduced film consumption
  • Simplification of production processes (reduction in the number of steps and skilled personnel required)
  • Optimal overall operational effectiveness (OOE) 0% waste, 0% downtime, 100% quality
  • Ultrasonics as production automation
  • Existing interfaces 
    (cloud, remote, plug-and-play integration)
  • Big data (predictive maintenance)
  • Digital twin
  • Various contents possible
  • Design flexibility (material and shape)
  • User-friendly parameter changes
  • Immediate operational readiness of the machines (start & stop possible with standby machines)


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Samples of material that can be sealed with ultrasonics:

Stand Up Pouch

  • BoPP or oPP/PE
  • oPA/PE
Herrmann Ultraschall


Upcoming EU regulations signify changes but also bring opportunities. Change now and save on essentials such as energy, CO₂ emissions, raw materials, food – and costs. A sustainable and valuable choice for brands and everyone who packs.

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Increase valuetainability for dry pet food

Dry Pet Food

Also for closing of packages with dry pet food Ultrasonic sealing offers added values – especially in continuous filling machines.


Application management

We invite you to come and talk to us and explore together how the application of ultrasonic sealing technology can help you to find innovative solutions for your development projects. Let’s explore together the possibilities and benefits you can unlock by integrating ultrasonic sealing into your product design.


The top seal module from Herrmann brings together the experiences from more than 1,000 top-seal sealing stations on the market. With its modular design, it is configurable for a variety of packaging machine types. 

  • 30 and 35 kHz operating frequency 
  • up to 207 mm sealing length 
  • up to 1200 N sealing force

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