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TSM Top Seal Module

Ultrasonic packaging technology

The top seal module from Herrmann brings together the experiences from more than 1,000 top-seal sealing stations on the market. With its modular design, it is configurable for a variety of packaging machine types. 

  • 30 and 35 kHz operating frequencies 
  • up to 207 mm sealing length 
  • up to 1,200 N sealing force


The PACKLINE modules from Herrmann are the extract of all of our experience in integrating Ultrasonic sealing in packaging machines. They include all functions that are needed to ensure a strong and hermetic sealing. To serve a wide range of customers they are optimally suited for integration in new machinery or as retrofit for existing machines. If the tools are designed with protection class IP65/67, the top seal module is also suitable for use in wet environments with advanced cleaning capability requirements. 


Open to everything

Machine integration

The pneumatic generation of force is integrated in the top seal module, which results in considerable freedom with regard to the drive concept. Pneumatic and electric drives can be adapted on the drive shaft. A mechanical connection with the main drive shaft of the packaging machine can also be realized. To fulfill various assembly conditions, the drive may be installed on either the left or the right side of the module – this is particularly beneficial in the case of multi-line systems. 

The integrated pneumatic cylinder means that the sealing force is immediately available with the contact of the sealing tools. This PreLoaded concept allows for the process-safe sealing of pouches, also with high machine speeds.

Technical Data

Top seal module TSM30 kHz35 kHz
Generator power [W]18001200
Max. weld force at 6 bar [N]750/1200750/1200
Max. sealing length [mm]207135
Max. opening width [mm]50/10050/100
Drive configurationLeft hand/right handLeft hand/right hand
  • Flexible in the drive selection 
  • Configurable installation 
  • Safe sealing at high cycle rates thanks to PreLoaded function
Herrmann Ultraschall


We are available quickly when needed thanks to our global presence. 

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HDM ProcessControl

Constant Quality

The "High Precision Distance Measurement" function is a quality control which recognizes faulty pouch conditions in the sealing stations and enables suspect pouches to be rejected. The HDM sensor which is integrated in the TSM determines the distance of the sealing tools. The signal is evaluated directly on the ultrasonic generator that allows for exceptionally high evaluation speeds, which are particularly advantageous on high-speed packaging systems. The intelligent generator management is able to compensate for thermal influences, which means a constant quality control is guaranteed throughout the entire machine running time.

Recognizable faulty conditions 

  • Double pouches 
  • Folded pouches 
  • Solid product in seal area 
  • Missing pouches

Customer benefits 

  • Reduction of faulty pouches in the actual yield (downstream) 
  • Reduced effort in the quality control 
  • Prevention of metal contact of the tools for a long service life

Advantages of ultrasonic sealing technology

  • Tight and strong sealing, even with seal contamination 
  • Short start-up time, as no heating of the sealing tools required 
  • Cold sealing tools protect the product during the filling 
  • Integrated quality control 
  • Suitable for wet cleaning due to protection class IP65/67

Three stations in one: the new top seal module with COS

Reduce unnecessary packing machine stations by utilizing a compact solution which will help reach your sustainability targets. With the new cosmetic seal upgrade COS for the top seal module TSM, you will be able to create the hermetic and cosmetic seal of stand-up pouches in just one station in the future. Thanks to efficient ultrasonic technology, you can eliminate a cooling station while simultaneously reducing your energy consumption and waste automatically.

Saving two stations

  • Creating a hermetic and cosmetic seal in just one station 
  • Elimination of cooling station 
  • Integration into existing systems also possible 
  • Reduce waste permanently thanks to safe sealing 
  • Seal even mono-materials with visually impeccable results

Versatile application possibilities

Valuable for different industries











Wet Pet Food

Wet Pet Food

Ready Meals

Ready Meals

Ultrasonic sealing technology is used to package products in many industries – whenever there is a need for packaging that is durable, leak-proof, and visually flawless. The ultrasonic generator ensures reproducible results for all sealing applications. With specially developed functions and external sensors, it is possible to reliably detect faulty conditions and eliminate defective sealed packaging.

Filling goods

  • Wet pet food
  • Ready-meals
  • Sauerkraut/red cabbage
  • Beverages
  • Soups & sauces
  • Liquid soap
  • Grated cheese

Application Engineering

We invite you to come and talk to us and explore together how the application of ultrasonic sealing technology can help you to find innovative solutions for your development projects. Let's find out together about the possibilities and benefits you can achieve by integrating ultrasonic sealing into your product design.



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