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Who we are and what makes us different

Herrmann Ultraschall

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Herrmann Ultraschall is one of the world’s leading experts in ultrasonic welding of packaging.

With over 60 years of experience, we develop and produce systems, components, tools, and generators for the packaging industry. As your technology partner and solution specialist, we strive to combine cost-effectiveness and quality through sustainable, environmentally friendly processes – an approach we call "valuetainable". As market leader, we build on more than 1,500 successful applications per year, long-standing technology partnerships, and the research findings of 21 high-tech laboratories worldwide. Our product portfolio meets the most stringent quality standards and continues to be "Made in Germany".


„Elmex“ tube


The very first Herrmann Ultraschall project in the packaging industry was sealing of „Elmex“ tubes on a IWKA tube filling machine in 1972 at company Wybert GmbH in Lörrach, a member of GABA group.

„Pfanni Rösti“ in vacuum pouch


The first MRE project (meal ready to eat) was realized for company Pfanni in Cloppenburg in 1975. The product „Pfanni Rösti“ was packed and sealed under vacuum on a Bosch packaging machine.

„Capri Sonne“ stand up pouch


First PACKAGING series components developed for the sealing of Stand Up Pouches in a 10-lane packaging machine. The major challenge was the product foam in the sealing area caused by the hot fill process. For this application the ultrasonic sealing technology garantees a tight sealing and became a major global success story that lasts till today.

„combibloc aseptic“ carton package


The first packaging specific product developed was triggered in 1984 by a solid customer request for a carton application in a multi lane food packaging machine. The improved stiffness of a rigid clamped lightweight 35 kHz converter and the increased 1.000 W of generator power at a reduced 19“ rack size made it a perfect fit and allowed a small and lightweight design compared to the previously used 20 kHz ultrasonic system. For this application the ultrasonic sealing technology garantees a tight sealing and became a major global success story that lasts till today.

„ULTRAPACK“ product line


Birth of the generator product line ULTRAPACK active control. ULTRAPACK generators had a power range from 600/1000 to 4.000 Watts and have been optimized for packaging applications in high speed packaging machines. In 1993 a high power generator of 5.000 Watts was added to the portfolio.

100% digital generator


The ULTRAPACK digital control was the first fully digital market. It offered groundbreaking functions and features optimizing the application for perfect results.

30kHz solution and „wash down“ converters


Development of 30kHz converters and generators for high speed packaging machines to achieve significantly higher power compared to 35kHz at still reduced weight compared to 20kHz components. As option these converters had been made available as „wash down“ version for wet cleaning environments. At the same time the „wash down“ option was also added for the 20kHz and 35kHz converter product lines.

Compact digital generator


Completion of the generator portfolio with a compact version of the fully digital generator ULTRAPACK 1000M digital control. By it´s robust design thousands of these are still in production globally in Top Seal Pouch and Top Seal Carton applications.

VFFS integration for fresh cut salad


The first two VFFS machines had been integrated with 30kHz wash down components in 2006 on CFS machines. Over the following years we learned a lot about specific requirements in the produce industry, especially about the effects of 100% humidity in a 3-4° C production environment. In the meantime the produce industry is widely relying on the ultrasonic technology to ensure 100% quality being shipped to the retailers. The ultrasonic technology supports the plant directors in reducing their carbon footprint by saving energy – not only by less heating energy consumption, but also by a reduced effort to cool down the production site.

SUP retort fillers for wet pet food


In 2009 the european roll out of the ultrasonic technology for wet pet food retort pouches on horizontal form fill seal machines was started. This project went quite successful and was expanded globally in later years. In parallel we introduced the HDM quality control function which helps to detect failure states in the sealing area on stand up pouches before, during and after the ultrasonic welding process. Since then it was easy to detect missing, folded or double pouches in the sealing station as well as to observe the welding process to be in line with a certain specification. Till today this function makes a big difference in assuring best quality top seams on stand up pouches.

„ULTRAPACK digital“


The ULTRAPACK digital product family was the 2nd generation of 100% digital generator: higher power levels have been combined with a more intuitive user interface, easier access for wiring and more fieldbus interfaces for automation integration.

European roll out of fresh cut salad


Launch of the Europe-wide roll-out of ultrasonic technology on a vertical flow-wrapping machine for packaging fresh-cut salad.

USA roll out of coffee capsule fillers


Launch of the K-Cup success story for the coffee industry in the USA. The so-called cowboy capsule was extremely well received by consumers and became a bestseller on the market over the years. Americans love freshly brewed coffee cowboy style, where boiling water is passed through the coffee powder and a paper filter. This paper filter is attached to the top of the capsule using ultrasonic technology.

PACKAGING Top Seal Module „TSM“


Development of a Herrmann Sealing Module for SUP fillers to reduce the integration effort for machine manufacturers. Based on the Top Seam Module (TSM) Herrmann is able to guarantee the quality of the top seam in SUP applications according to the agreed project specifications.

„PACKLINE“ product family


Introduction of the PACKLINE family of packaging modules and customer oriented consulting services called ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING. With the automation generator ULTRAPACK AMG the new interpretation of a compact generator for multi-lane packaging machines was released into the market and completed the portfolio. Compared to its predecessor ULTRAPACK 1000 M digital control it offered more power and more communication interfaces.

Business Unit PACKAGING


In April 2016 the former distributed teams of Sales, Application Engineering, Project Engineering, Product Management and Services have been merged into one organic team. Robert Hueber, in his former role as Sales Director PACKAGING, planned and executed this transformation into the business unit PACKAGING. As Business Unit Director PACKAGING Robert has formed since 2016 a strong team of leaders and segmented the unit into four areas of global responsibility. The four Global Heads of Business Development, Engineering, Sales and Services PACKAGING are designing the growth and market strategy as well as manage the day to day business together with their teams in the Global Headquarters and Tech Centers of the HU group.

Global team – strong growth


With 50+ team members the Business Unit PACKAGING has been growing to a double digit global revenue level.

Herrmann Ultraschall

Who we are and what makes us different.

Bonding more than materials

We see ourselves as your technology partner and solution specialist. Our aim is to increase the economic efficiency and quality of your application – for sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.

We work with you to develop customized solutions which correspond to your demands precisely. As experts in our field, we develop applications which make your project a success. Here, we rely on long-standing technology partnerships and the results from over 40 high-tech laboratories around the world.

We offer a premium product portfolio with the highest quality standards – made in Germany. We stand for top weld results, professional integration and durability of all ultrasonic components and modules for an economical overall solution.

We guarantee reliability, safety and a quick on-site service as part of our concept, and immediate support in over 20 countries. For you, this means quick help when you really need it – at any time and in your local language.

A simple route to more sustainability: not a problem with our efficient ultrasonic technology! The ability to do without joining materials and the low energy consumption mean that your production process will automatically become more sustainable. Reliable bonding will also reduce your rejects and prevent you from generating unnecessary waste.

Leverage our expertise and optimize your packaging process!


Contact us and we will launch a project together that will enable you to incorporate the sustainability megatrend into your company – conveniently, quickly, and cost-effectively.