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Ultrasonic sealing for a wide range of stand-up pouches


Saving resources without compromises

Valuetainable – especially when it comes to Stand-up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are a great choice for wet foods, but they may not provide complete leak-proof sealing with conventional heat-sealing methods. This can lead to waste of food and materials, as well as loss of customer trust.

Our ultrasonic sealing technology ensures tight seams and is a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

100 %

leak-proof packaging, with vibrations displacing the contents from the sealing zone.

20 x 

less waste is produced by a sauerkraut packer thanks to our processing technology.

75 % 

Reduce energy consumption by 75 % with ultrasonic seals.

Save energy

Ultrasonics only requires energy during the sealing operation.

This completely eliminates the high standby power consumption associated with other thermal sealing processes. The tools are ready for immediate use without having to heat up, allowing you to achieve energy savings of up to 75% – which not only protects the environment but also reduces costs!

Visually flawless seals on monomaterials

Achieving the vision of a truly circular economy is made feasible through single-constituent packaging.

While conventional methods reach their limits when sealing monomaterials, ultrasonic sealing is ideally suited due to its material-friendly properties.

Ultrasonics generates thermal energy only within the seam area, while the backing layer, despite being made of the same material, does not melt. At the same time, the energy input can be precisely defined. This ensures a flawless look even for packaging with heat-sensitive monomaterials.

Prevent waste disposal on a scale of multiple tons

Whether wet food, drinks in pouches, or powdery products, ultrasonic sealing offers a long-term solution that greatly reduces packaging defects.

The ultrasonic vibrations displace the contents from the sealing zone, which is then cleanly sealed. This allows food to be more securely packaged, thereby extending the associated shelf life. 

In the event of faulty packaging, the ultrasonic generator promptly detects the defect and initiates removal. On this basis, tons of food waste can be prevented every day.

Reduce packaging waste right from the start

An ultrasonic seam is narrower than a heat-sealed seam and requires less headspace volume, as there is no risk of contamination in the seam area.

This makes it possible to reduce the size of the packaging while maintaining the same content, resulting in material savings while preventing waste from getting into the environment.

Top seal – HFS/HFFS with cosmetic seal also for monomaterial


Seal your pouches 100 % leak-proof and meet your sustainability targets in a cost-effective manner.

Other applications that are currently under development:

  • Valve Seal 
  • Bottom Seal 
  • Spout Seal 
  • Cross Seal 
  • Side Seal


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Samples of material that can be sealed with ultrasonics:

Stand Up Pouch

  • BoPP or oPP/PE
  • oPA/PE










Wet Pet Food

Wet Pet Food

Ready Meals

Ready Meals

Applications for different filling goods:


  • Wet pet food
  • Ready-meals
  • Sauerkraut/red cabbage
  • Beverages
  • Soups & sauces
  • Liquid soap
  • Grated cheese
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Upcoming EU regulations signify changes but also bring opportunities. Change now and save on essentials such as energy, CO₂ emissions, raw materials, food – and costs. A sustainable and valuable choice for brands and everyone who packs.

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Ultrasonic sealing offers solutions to meet the demands of the future

Legal regulation for packaging

Whether you are looking to limit overpackaging, increase the product-specific recyclate usage rate, or replace multilayer packaging with new monomaterials, ultrasonic sealing offers a future-proof solution to meet your packaging needs.

EU-wide standards for over-packing will define maximum allowed empty space in packaging and ban certain forms of unnecessary packaging. The Ultrasonic technology allows to minimize the sealing area and as a result reduces unnecessary packaging space.

In the future an increased use of recycled plastics in packaging material is mandatory to meet the legal regulations and to decrease the use of virgin materials.

In order to meet future packaging recycling rates monomeric materials will become more and more a standard for packaging material. As monomeric material is quite sensible towards heat Ultrasonic offers here the right technology for a tight and reliable sealing process.


How ultrasonic sealing works


In ultrasonic welding, melt is created in the packaging material itself by introducing mechanical vibrations into the packaging material using a sonotrode. These vibrations generate friction between the molecular chains and the interfaces of the packaging material layers, resulting in localized melting. The use of cold ultrasonic tools enables rapid cooling, allowing for immediate loading of the produced seam. This minimizes the thermal load on the materials and the packaged goods.

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