Saving resources without compromises


Valuetainable – sustainable and profitable for brands and everyone who packages products.

Emission free future 

Valuetainable is about prioritizing conservation in areas that truly matter, such as energy, greenhouse gas emissions, raw materials, food, and, above all, costs.

Our use of Ultrasonic sealing in flexible packaging is a catalyst for greater sustainability for brands, packaging production, the circular economy, and economic benefits for all. As a "valuetainable company", we combine what is generally seen as distinct.

Save Materials

  • Up to 20 x less waste
  • Smaller headspace volume

Save Waste

  • Optically flawless
  • Low reject rate

Save Resources

  • Integrated process control
  • Sealing of mono materials

Save Energy

  • Up to 75 % energy saving
  • No standby consumption and no heating up of tools

Save Food

  • Up to 100 % leakproof
  • Increased amount of hermetic packages

Save Money

  • High machine output
  • Short sealing time (long-term savings)


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Food is better protected and kept fresh longer by good packaging. Ultrasonic sealing technology has become an established and economic alternative to heat sealing.

Sealing through contamination

Tight sealing under difficult conditions 

With ultrasonic sealing, packages are sealed 100 % tightly even if there are residues of the contents in the seam area. The vibrations of the ultrasonics displace these residues reliably from the sealing zone – regardless of whether the contents are solid, moist or liquid. This significantly reduces rejects and at the same time extends the shelf life of the products.

Contamination during thermal sealing processes compromises the tightness of the packaging.


Realize less headspace and save material

Stand-up Pouches

Ultrasonic sealing can create a hermetic sealing even with product in the sealing area. This makes the filling with more product possible and reduces the headspace without the risk of having more untight packages! Alternatively, it is also possible to reduce the packaging size keeping the same volume to save material.

What do elephants have to do with cat food?

A customer packs moist, chunky cat food in a stand-up pouch. This repeatedly resulted in defective packaging that had to be disposed of. By switching to our reliable sealing technology, the number of leaking packs was able to be reduced from 0.05 % to 0.001 %.

That might not sound like much, but it’s actually quite substantial: every day, more than 4.4 tons of cat food are saved from disposal – equivalent to the weight of a full-grown elephant.


Ultrasonic sealing is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Valuable for different applications

The longitudinal seal on a pillow bag, the top seal or the cap seal on carton or sealing of chain bags, ultrasonic sealing technology provides solutions for a wide range of packaging applications to make your sealing process faster, safer and more sustainable.

Cap Seal on Carton & Top Seal Beverage Carton

Cap Seal on Carton & Top Seal Beverage Carton

Cap Seal on Film

Cap Seal on Film

Continuous Top Seal Chain Bag

Continuous Top Seal Chain Bag

Filter in Capsule

Filter in Capsule

Lid on Capsule

Lid on Capsule

Longitudinal Seal Pillow Bag

Longitudinal Seal Pillow Bag

Top Seal Food Carton

Top Seal Food Carton

Top Seal Stand-up Pouch

Top Seal Stand-up Pouch


Many possible uses

Valuable for different industries

The ultrasonic sealing technology is used to package products in many industries – whenever there is a need for packaging that is durable, leak-proof, and visually flawless.

The ultrasonic generator ensures reproducible results for all sealing applications. With specially developed functions and external sensors, it is possible to reliably detect faulty conditions and eliminate defective sealed packaging.

Wet Pet Food

Wet Pet Food

Food beverages

Food & Beverages

Fresh Cut Salad

Fresh Cut Salad

Coffee & Tea


Ultrasonic sealing offers solutions to meet the demands of the future

Legal regulation for packaging

Whether you are looking to limit overpackaging, increase the product-specific recyclate usage rate, or replace multilayer packaging with new monomaterials, ultrasonic sealing offers a future-proof solution to meet your packaging needs.

EU-wide standards for over-packing will define maximum allowed empty space in packaging and ban certain forms of unnecessary packaging. The Ultrasonic technology allows to minimize the sealing area and as a result reduces unnecessary packaging space.

In the future an increased use of recycled plastics in packaging material is mandatory to meet the legal regulations and to decrease the use of virgin materials.

In order to meet future packaging recycling rates monomeric materials will become more and more a standard for packaging material. As monomeric material is quite sensible towards heat Ultrasonic offers here the right technology for a tight and reliable sealing process.


How ultrasonic sealing works


In ultrasonic welding, melt is created in the packaging material itself by introducing mechanical vibrations into the packaging material using a sonotrode. These vibrations generate friction between the molecular chains and the interfaces of the packaging material layers, resulting in localized melting. The use of cold ultrasonic tools enables rapid cooling, allowing for immediate loading of the produced seam. This minimizes the thermal load on the materials and the packaged goods.


Application Engineering

We invite you to come and talk to us and explore together how the application of ultrasonic sealing technology can help you to find innovative solutions for your development projects. Let's find out together about the possibilities and benefits you can achieve by integrating ultrasonic sealing into your product design.




The top seal module from Herrmann brings together the experiences from more than 1,000 top-seal sealing stations on the market. With its modular design, it is configurable for a variety of packaging machine types. 

  • 30 and 35 kHz operating frequency 
  • up to 207 mm sealing length 
  • up to 1200 N sealing force

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